Business & Investment Visas

The USA, along with several other countries.* provides an opportunity for those with significant financial assets to invest in the country and, in exchange, receive the potential benefit of becoming a permanent resident. In addition, there are also special visa categories for those who wish to conduct business in the US as a temporary foreign resident in order to manage a successful business in the US or to open an office for a business located overseas.

EB-5 Investment Visa (leading to US legal residency)

EB-5 Visas are designed for foreign residents who wish to make a substantial investment in the United States, either by starting a new business or investing in a business. This visa is designed for those that can make a substantial investment, generally $900,000 or more, and wish to establish US residency for themselves and their family.

There are generally two types of EB-5 programs, 1) the foreign businessman who wants to establish and run his own business investment in the US, and 2) the foreign investor who wants to invest in an on-going project setup and run by persons in the US who are seeking foreign capital to complete their project. Both programs can benefit by location, as the amount of investment capital required is roughly half for investments made in certain locations or projects which have a favored status. An example is “Targeted Employment Areas” which are areas where employment in needed for the local economy.

Once the investment is made and the application approved, the investor and his family can reside in the United States on a conditional basis, which will become permanent after the investment is certified to have created sufficient job growth under the EB-5 criteria.

* (Other countries with similar programs: SPAIN, TURKEY, GRENADA – Click Here if Interested)

E-1 & E-2 Visa

The E-2 visa ((Treaty Traders, Treaty Investors, and Employees of Treaty Traders and Treaty Investors) is designed for those who are not seeking permanent residence in the United States, and is based on various treaties which differ from country to country.

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Other Countries with Similar Programs


The EB-5 like program in Spain requires a certain investment which is calculated a little differently, but will allow an investor to obtain Spanish citizenship and the consequent ability to travel freely in the European Community.


IBLF has contacts in both countries who can assist and complete the process for an interested investor