Immigration Law

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FAMILY / ASYLUM / CITIZENSHIP / REMOVAL PROCEEDINGS / APPEALS: These areas of immigration are some of the most rewarding, unifying families, achieving justice when mistakes and misunderstandings have led to unfortunate results, and gaining new Americans to strengthen and invigorate our nation. 

BUSINESS IMMIGRATION: Negotiation, legal structure, financial transactions, business plans and regulatory compliance are the services which IBLF provides for our clients.  From the first negotiation over fashion accessories (beads), business in America has profited because of the value or interests of immigrants who brought new products, bought local production, and hired, or were hired, for various types of employment.

American business will continue to benefit from this intercourse and continues to be a leader in establishing fair standards for such interactions, and supporting means and patterns of commerce that expand the economy of our nation .

Business law, administrative proceedings, rules and regulations are all a part of the success or failure of human endeavor, and to achieve positive results.  IBLF seeks to understand, advise and execute stategies for our clients to provide the best and most sustainable returns, meeting the needs of our clients, and also recognizing the social and political value of mutually beneficial enterprise.Immigration Attorney Steffanie Lewis

EB-5:  Foreign investment in the United States, particularly through the EB-5 program, is now a signifcant part of IBLF's special focus, which includes managing foreign transactions and escrows, creating new investment opportunities as well as identifying established programs.  In addition to regional centers in targeted employment areas, we are also prepared to assist the creation of completely independent and unique businesses that meet the investment criteria.