7th Circuit Blocks Public Charge Burden

This decision releases the Supreme Court stay which permitted the Trump administration’s policy against immigrants to become effective. Not the end of the battle, but a victory. An excellent article discussing the merits of this issue was posted in the Washington Post on Friday: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/trump-is-so-set-on-harassing-immigrants-that-his-immigration-agency-needs-a-bailout/2020/06/11/52c2ae06-ac1b-11ea-9063-e69bd6520940_story.html

H-1B Statutes Are Carefully Crafted to Be Misleading to the Casual Reader

The H-1B statutes are lobbyist-written and carefully crafted to be misleading to the casual reader. The “prevailing wage” is one area where there has been great confusion; in particular H-1B wage levels. The H-1B wage or skill levels are entirely a bureaucratic creation that have no relation to the job market. The article published in the journal The Immigration Post, …

Unable to Depart US Due to Pandemic? Avoid Overstay!

Request “Satisfactory Departure” Were you admitted to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP)? —>  There is no provision of law that would allow you to extend your stay. However, if you are unable to depart before their current period of admission expires due to exigent circumstances, there is an option to request relief in the form of …

IBLF during the Pandemic

While our office is closed in accordance with the recommendation of government officials, we are still receiving and processing mail, email, and conducting video and telephone consultations and meetings.  By special arrangement, we can receive documentation that cannot be mailed to our office.  Please call if you have any such special requests